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Our Core Activities

We champion inclusive financing, by continuously creating a more efficient financial service alternatives to the traditional banking system.

It is our believe, that the impact of financial inclusion as a catalyst to social economic growth and development in a developing society cannot be overstated, yet illiteracy, economic status relegation and the unavailability of adequate documentation required to accessing traditional banking services, continue to play a major role in structurally excluding many from standardized financial services.


Our several moneywise solutions offer retail financing such as; personal loans for sundry use and commercial loans as working capital for small, medium formal and informal enterprises.


Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

In partnership with Gateway Empowerment Foundation [GeeFoundation], a not for profit organization, Instanvance Initiative Limited is actively involved in creating health and social educational awareness programs, partnership community sociable developmental projects, and partnership access to education campaign to mention a few.


Our Partners

Instanvance Initiative Limited owe its strides to the unparalleled commitment of its partners Human Micro Link Limited and GeeFoundation.

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We tell you all fees upfront


Your data is safe with us


You get prequalified within 48 business hours